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WineDirt.com is owned and operated by Mary Alfieri Studt, who has over 30 years experience in the wine industry. Her knowledge and passion will introduce you to the exciting and ever changing world of wine!

Whether it is learning about the world of wine, wine making, or taking a Washington and Oregon winery tour for a day and tasting wines in our own backyard, plan on having the experience of a lifetime with Mary, the friendly expert.

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Spring is finally here!  The buds on the vines are open and leaves are appearing everywhere!  Follow the pictures on FB with WineDirt.com.   https://www.facebook.com/WineDirt

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The new novice classes for fall 2014 are ready for sign up!    

The 2014 year of winery tours are having beautiful spring days to explore the Willamette Valley, and the Columbia River Gorge!  And YES!!!  We are open all year long!  Thanks for visiting!

Overlooking a vineyard toward the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Kim and her group of military wives enjoy a day in the Willamette Valley. Vineyards in the Willamette Valley at the peak of ripeness! Kelly celebrates her birthday with her friends in the Willamette Valley. Adrianne and Katie visit the Willamette Valley wineries. Nathan and Sarah Ziegler cradle a bottle of their Tempranillo from the Ziegler Vineyards in the Gorge. Two local couples tour the Gorge area wineries together.  Heather, Jeannie, Jason and Brian. Jean's family tour the day after Thanksgiving visiting the SW Washington Clark County wineries. Joni's tour with Kathy, Samantha and Betty visiting the Willamette Valley Wineries.ty wineries. Michele's tour of the Willamette Valley with her big group from Subway.

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Mary offers Oregon and Washington wine classes on wine tasting and wine making in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metro area. Learn about wines from the Great Northwest and the world! So much info is packed into one class, you’ll feel like a wine pro (oenophile if you prefer).

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Where We Tour

Mary also offers Oregon and Washington wine tours and wine tastings through the gorgeous wine countries of the Columbia River Gorge and Willamette Valley as well as the growing Clark County wineries. While you’re tasting you will have the advantage of viewing the beauty of the Pacific NW.

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No matter if it’s a spectacular tour or a tasting class, both come with a wealth of knowledge. Help us learn more about what you’re looking for, contact us today.


“If you’re serious about wine, passionate about wine, want to learn more about wine, or just want a great wine-centric experience, Mary Studt’s Wine Dirt tours are for you! Mary is an experienced winemaker and wine educator and her tours are much more than the usual “slurp fests” one encounters so often with other wine tasting services…”

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